How long do brake pads normally last

How long your brake pads will last depends on lots of parameters. It is with brake pads like it is with gasoline, some people can burn gas faster than others. Quick starts, city driving, and an aggressive rider style wears the brake pads more than smooth and steady highway driving. At SBS we offer brake pads for all models no matter the year or brand. Find the best fit for your motorcycle on our webpage by using the intelligent search tool on our front-page. 


Make your brake pads last longer


 If you drive with high speed, and brake hard it will create lots of friction, which will increase wear on your brake pads and reduce their lifetime. Make it a habit to slow down a bit before using your brake.



 If you are driving down a steep hill or mountain do not only use your brake to control speed. Instead downshift.


When you realise that you will have to brake shortly, slowly let go on the handle. Being good at engine braking will make you a better and safer rider, plus it will save you money long term.  






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