Motorcycle Brake Pads For Street Use


Like you, we are passionate about bikes. People ride motorbikes for various reasons, but we all have one thing in common, we like to have fun. To have a good time on a motorcycle, you need to feel safe on your bike. SBS produces some of the best motorbike brake pads on the market today, and will for sure provide you with great safety so that you can GO AHEAD and feel safe while having fun. 


SBS is an international motorcycle brake pad manufacturer, producing brake pads at premium quality for all kinds of bikes, no matter the year or model. Perhaps you are into the naked street bike look, like Yamaha MT-07, Or maybe you are going on an adventure tour on the fabulous BMW R1250GS. At the very other end of the categories we find the café-racers like Moto Guzzi V7, or Ducati Scrambler 800


You can choose between ceramic brake pads, carbon brake pads and sintered brake pads depending on your braking preferences and riding style.


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