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About SBS Friction A/S

SBS a.k.a. SBSbrakes, or legally known as SBS Friction A/S, is a Danish brake manufacturer based in Svendborg, on Funen. SBS produces brake products for the global market and you can buy SBS in more than 80 countries.

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On the WHERE-TO-BUY section of the SBS website, you can find your nearest SBS Distributor and their contact information. Often you can also find the Dealerships they supply - if not, go to the Distributor websites.

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On the WHERE-TO-BUY section of the SBS website, you can find your nearest SBS Distributors and Dealers, incl. their contact information. If a Dealership is not listed in the market of interest, please seek more information on the website of your nearest Distributor.

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SBS match close to 95% of motorcycles in the market and SBS is known to be "first with the newest and last with the oldest". To help you identify which brake parts match your bike, we have created the Lookup Feature. Fill in:

  1. Brand
  2. CC of your bike
  3. Model
  4. Year of production

...and explore the opportunities for you bike. Go ahead - happy riding!

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Brake Pads

The assembly instructions of SBS brakes pads are designed in compliance with the ECE R90 certification. The instructions is based on 6 steps that we suggest you follow when mounting your new brake pads from SBS.

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Brake Discs

5xxx - Is the reference code of SBS standard brake discs. Corresponds to the originally fitted brake disc on your bike. Comes as fixed or floating in construction.

6xxx - Is the reference code of SBS upgrade brake discs that gives you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Comes as floating or SBS signature contour in design.

7xxx - Is the reference code of SBS oversize brake discs made specially for off-road with enhanced performance characteristics.

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