Off Road Systems Bleeder

Motorcycle Brake system bleeder which allows quick, safe and clean exchange of brake fluid. Access to min. 6 bar air pressure is necessary. The bleeder is made of the best and most durable brake fluid resistant materials which means that it handles the highly corrosive brake fluid in a closed circuit. A special safety and “tip-over” valve, prevents the fluid to atomize when the container is full.

  • Built-in ”tip-over” valve
  • Turnable line fitting
  • Additional 2-nipple line included
  • Manual in 12 languages

Part number 3908

EPDM rubber units

Art. number 3916.10 (10 pcs.)

Brake Pad Shims

  • Vibration/noise resistant
  • Temperature transfer resistant
  • Piston protective
  • Better brake feel

Part number 9500 (pcs.)

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