Best Brake Pads for Harley Davidson FXDR

When you are looking for new brake pads for your Harley Davidson, we know that only the best is good enough for your bike. Forget those budget brake parts and choose the best fit for your bike. At SBS, we produce premium quality brakes for all kinds of two-wheel vehicles.

At SBS, we always strive to create the best product as possible for each motorcycle model. Often, Harley Davidson motorcycles are quite heavy, with powerful engines, which is why an efficient brake system is crucial. SBS brake pads have a long lifetime and will provide you with superior stopping power. All brakes are tested under extreme weather conditions to make you feel confident and have full control over your bike no matter the weather conditions. 

When you own a Harley Davidson you might not be sure what brake parts to pick. 

Choose in our product selector below what best fits your driving style or even better choose our recommended brake pads selected by our product specialists and test drivers. It is easy and then you are on the safe side.




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