When it comes to development and production of friction technology, SBS is a good place to start. Our vast R&D knowhow and experience makes us an obvious choice as a business partner for OEM projects which include friction.

We have  the engineering skills, the test facilities and the advanced production machinery and equipment to ensure successful product development and processing.

Our R&D staff and production teams are flexible, internationally oriented and geared to work in projects at a very high technical level  together with our customers' technicians and other specialists.

Our Quality management system are tested and approved according to the highest standards used in the motorcycle OEM industry.

Our OEM customer reference list includes significant  companies within the motorcycle industry and other fields demanding friction technology solutions such special vehicle manufacturers, wind turbine and industrial machinery manufacturers.

Therefore SBS is the ideal partner for brake system developers, OEMs and others looking for competent partners and suppliers of friction solutions.

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