Test conclusions : Wide product range and excellent performance

From CrazyWheels:

Testing of SBS Brake pads - Off Road Racing Sinter versus Street Standard Ceramic

We have compared two different types of SBS brake pads mounted on the same bike - an Aprilia RX 125 2t from 1998, which is beginning to have an interest to enthusiasts and collectors.

In the SBS catalogue you can choose between front and rear brake pads. The first one we choose is the off road racing sinter model, while the second one is the street standard ceramic model.

Both pair of brake pads can replace the original, the difference is the performance.

The Street Standard version seems to perform just as well as the OE brake pads. In fact we found a better braking and slightly more powerful. However, the original pads were too old and worn out to be able to say with certainty that the new ones were superior.

What is certain, is that the new SBS Street Standard Ceramic is a perfect replacement to the original product, with an equally reliable behavior - and always at less cost than the original spare part.

The Off Road Racing Sinter, on the other hand, offers for sure a valid brake upgrade: More aggressive and more powerful The efficiency is not affected by dust, mud or water. For an off road use, even racing, they are absolutely perfect. Because they "attack" more aggressively they just require a littele more attention on wet asphalt, but off-road they offer much better braking performance.

Two excellent products with different performance and usage. The SBS Street Standard are perfect for those who always ride on the road and want some brake pads that perform equal to the original spare and are long-lasting.

The SBS Off Road Racing brake pads are perfect for those who find off road challenging and for those who want a powerful and aggressive braking. The brake pads are perfect for off road use, not only for a bike of a certain age, but also for the most recent, because their performance with mud and dust, are absolutely fantastic and are a great upgrade of any braking solution - OE or aftermarket.